Existing applications

The MIS was applied in various projects. Below an overview is presented with screenshots and references to on line applications and information.

Monitor for a platform for secure provision of digital content

This application is developed for the TIPSCI project.

IBM, Philips and Telematica Instituut have developed a joint vision for a new integrated model for the secure provision of digital content. In the TIPSCI project they are conducting further research into this interesting area. The aim of this project is the development and demonstration of an end-to-end integrated platform for the distribution of high-quality digital content from and to the home environment. In addition to the development of the technical design for the concept, the initial phase focuses on obtaining better insight into the market and the financial aspects in order to test the viability of the concept. An integrated demo of the concept has been developed.

Monitoring a platform for context-aware applications for mobile users

End User Interface screenshots (mobile device):

Platform screenshots:

This demo application was developed for the WASP project.

The WASP project proposes a web services based application environment to facilitate and speed-up the development and deployment of context-aware applications for mobile users. Context-aware applications adapt to the user, his/her preferences and the (changing) environment. WASP has built a demonstrator that supports a tourist to plan a town walk along locations that are of interest to him. And during the walk he is supported with navigation information, information about nearby locations and services that might be relevant for him. From the perspective of the user interface it is quite difficult to tell which steps are executed when a tourist requests his personalized town walk. The MIS is used to visualize all the -otherwise invisible- steps such as authorization, profile management, payment, context retrieval, point of interest search, dynamic service integration, or navigation support.

Demonstration of Web Services, SOAP and UDDI in an ebusiness setting

This application was developed for the GigaTS project.

The Application frame shows the user interface that an end user normally sees in an internet application. The Process frame shows what's going on on the server side. It receives events from the Broker application on the server, causing graphical SVG updates (showing arrows that represent dataflows and highlighting of active services).

Demonstration of marketplaces for the Dutch Small and Medium Enterprises

Available on line at http://marktplaats.demo.telin.nl/impact (in Dutch only). Username and password are available by clicking on the "help" button.

This application was developed for the iMPact project.

This application is similar to the GigaTS Web services application mentioned above, but more focussed towards the Dutch SME.

Video Content Production Street Monitor

This application was developed for the GigaTS, GigaCE and GigaMobile projects.

The right panel monitors a Video Content Production Street. The left panel monitors a Service Broker. When the Production Street needs a Transcoding Service it requests the Service Broker to find the cheapest service available.

Monitor for a platform for audiovisual services on mobile devices

This application was developed for the Uluru project.

The Uluru project team has developed an experimental facilitating platform, with which content owners can provide audiovisual services and information on mobile terminals (telephones, PDA's, ...). This allows content owners and operators of mobile networks to experiment with services for mobile applications. The platform focuses on the personalised provision of content in a secure manner, whereby payments are balanced with the copyrights associated with the content. The inner workings of the ULURU platform are demonstrated by means of a web-based event visualizer . The visualizer shows the interaction between platform components such as profiling, content recommendation, content delivery and financial exploitation based on events that occur during the process of delivering interactive multi-media services.

Note that the application includes a simulator for generating predefined event scenarios.

ebXML demo

Available on line at http://ebxml.demo.telin.nl.

This application was developed for the GigaTS project.

This demo does not use the Monitoring Infrastructure, but it is entirely based on SVG animation in the Web browser. It illustrates the animation possibilities of SVG and JavaScript.