Deployment and configuration


The MIS requires a servlet API 2.3 compliant servlet container (see system requirements). Deployment is simply a matter of copying the .war files in the MIS_HOME/war directory to the webapps directory of your application server, where the MIS_HOME directory is the root directory of your mis installation. Each .war file contains an example application. The file mis-pushlets.war contains the Event Router.


Example configuration: Most of the example web applications and the Event Router don't need any configuration. Example specific configuration requirements are documented in the documentation of the individual examples.

Documentation configuration: Most examples can be started from within the documentation pages by clicking hyperlinks. This requires that the documentation pages point to the right server url. By default the documentation pages assume that your application server is running at localhost:8080. For other server installations you can reconfigure the documentation by opening the file configuration.js in MIS_HOME/doc/scripts with a text editor and replace the value of the variable _MIS_HOST with your server url. The next time you open or refresh the documentation files, all the urls that trigger example execution will point to your server.